About Us

Imagine if there were one online community database where consumer goods companies across seven industries (food & beverage, wine & liquor, health & beauty care, pharmaceuticals, technology, auto, & fashion) could access all channel partners’ (distributors, resellers, & retailers) complete company profile around the world?

Imagine if that database included an automatic scoring system that evaluates customer credibility without confusing outdated third party analytics that take too much time to read or understand.

IntegriDi is a B2B cloud application designed for consumer goods companies to proactively network, rate, monitor and research customers in the wholesale industry in real time; minimizing risk management while maximizing distribution potential into new markets.

Consumer goods companies rely on internal customer management software to determine customer viability. This reactive approach is limited & outdated in today’s world of technology. Effective customer credibility assessment include combined data of ALL consumer goods companies across multiple industries. Most industries have a standardized rating system to maintain ethics in business transactions whether it is financing, banking, or insurance (ie: Moody’s, Best, D&B). IntegriDi is the standardized rating system for wholesale distribution globally.


Consumer goods companies hire risk management and other third-party organizations to evaluate a customer’s credibility and this standard of conducting business is expensive, incomplete, and inefficient. Credit managers currently spend hours collecting and analyzing third party data to approve new customers, determine credit terms, & minimize daily sales outstanding. The screening process for new customers take weeks instead of hours.

For consumer goods companies who have import and export divisions, the acquisition and maintenance of their channel partner accounts is even more challenging. There is no shared central database that stores pertinent information regarding a customer’s viability or history of unethical business practices. Diversion, fraud, and counterfeiting costs manufacturers billions of dollars annually. There is no official established rating index to monitor and screen unethical trade. IntegriDi restores a higher standard of conducting business in the consumer goods industry.