IntegriDi is an application that offers consumer goods companies the following:

* An online cloud database that include complete customer profiles with credit references, warehouse information, contacts, and more.

* An optional alert system to help minimize fraud, product diversion, and counterfeiting.

* A rating for each customer calculated by our industry standardized IntegriDi Scoring System

* A networking community to bridge the gap and communication between other manufacturers and divisions.

Who are the target users for this application for this application?

* Comptroller

* Credit & Finance Manager

* Chief Global Security Officer

* Risk assessment representatives doing business for or on behalf of a consumer goods companies.

* International export managers focused on emerging and new markets.

* Channel partners of consumer goods companies including distributors, re-sellers, & retailers.


* Food & Beverage

* Wine & Liquor

* Health & Beauty

* Pharmaceuticals

* Technology

* Auto

* Fashion